Our goal, quite simply, is to restore you to your best self.  We provide the expertise to do just that.

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Brainsway’s revolutionary OCD treatment is FDA approved and we are currently the only provider for hundreds of miles. You can read more about the treatment here.

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Advanced, cutting-edge solutions for treatment resistant depression and OCD

Many practices offer only one of the innovative treatments. Any one treatment, no matter how cutting edge it is, can’t be the right solution for everyone, and treatments must be customized for each patient. That is why we have developed an expertise in the best cutting edge treatments for depression that can help transform your life.

Dr. Prashad is expressly equipped to provide you with treatment for your symptoms that other medications have failed to relieve. We see a remarkably high remission rate among cases of treatment-resistant disorders.

At the time of TMS treatment completion, over 50% of patients experienced no depressive symptoms.

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Meet Dr. Sandhya Prashad

Dr. Prashad is a board certified psychiatrist and is the founder and medical director of Houston TMS Therapeutics and Houston Ketamine Therapeutics. She has a special interest in treating depression and bipolar disorder, especially those cases which are treatment resistant. Many patients do not achieve adequate symptom improvement even while taking multiple medications and may also struggle with burdensome side effects. Dr. Prashad sought out additional, novel treatment options for these patients to help them achieve greater symptom improvement and an improved quality of life. This is why we have developed an expertise in the best cutting edge treatments, and offer deep TMS and IV ketamine infusions in addition to traditional medication management…

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Cutting Edge: We always utilize the most advanced technology and procedures.

 Some providers chose certain technology over others because it’s convenient or less expensive. Others avoid upgrading their technology for the same reasons. We have a commitment to provide treatments with the most advanced technology. An example of this is choosing deep TMS instead of conventional TMS.

Dr. Prashad practices medicine like it was meant to be practiced. Aside from having an impressive educational background, a professional approach and a thoughtful and caring demeanor, what sets her aside from other practitioners is her availability. Those of us who have been thorough a mental health crisis know that waiting two or three weeks for professional help can seem like an eternity. Not only have I found that same-week appointments are usually available but Dr. Prashad has made herself available to me which I find absolutely extraordinary in today’s medical industry. If you have struggled, like I have, to find a psychiatrist who can be there when you need them and leave you with a sense being well taken care of, do yourself a favor, make an appointment and see for yourself. Dr. Prashad is the absolute gold standard in psychiatric medicine.