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Deep TMS + Ketamine

For some patients, the combination of IV ketamine with deep TMS may be especially useful. IV ketamine has been found to be a valuable and highly effective treatment for depression, anxiety, and certain pain disorders and acts rapidly. It can also improve suicidal thoughts, sometimes immediately. Dr. Prashad can determine if you are a good candidate for this combination during a consultation. You can read more about ketamine therapy in our practice at

” Ketamine therapy was life changing for me and helped lift the fog of depression that had for so long weighed me down and made arduous even the most basic of tasks.

As my depression began to feel more manageable, Dr. Prashad suggested that adding Deep TMS to my treatment plan could reap benefits in helping to tame my anxiety and, perhaps, even make my ketamine infusions more effective.

Boy was she right.

After the first week of TMS treatment, my anxiety started to noticeably decrease and those hypnotic and seemingly ever-present feelings of sadness/despair began to hold less and less sway over me.

Flashforward three months, and I’m thrilled with the results of combining Deep TMS and Ketamine therapy. The two seem to have a symbiotic relationship that has “supercharged” my treatment, helps me better tackle risks and embrace failure and, quite frankly, feel like the best version of myself in years.

Finally, I can’t say enough kind words about Dr. Prashad. How do you sufficiently thank someone who has helped you climb out of a pit of depression and anxiety that at times can seem so dark, so deep and so lonely? Dr. Prashad is the kind of physician that we as patients so often seek, but rarely find. A provider who is patient, enthusiastic, present, compassionate, and committed to helping you find your path to mental health wellbeing.”

This is data from a real patient treated simultaneously with deep TMS and intravenous ketamine. She had long term severe depressive symptoms prior to starting treatment and is now in full remission and functioning well. Her IV ketamine dose was titrated and she received 36 treatments of deep TMS. This is what we see when we combine the 2 treatments– the results are more profound and longer lasting.