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At Houston TMS Therapeutics, our specialty is treatment resistant disorders. Our primary focus is the cutting edge treatments that we offer. Dr. Prashad regularly attends both domestic and international conferences that present the latest advances in these treatment modalities. Many practices offer only one of the innovative treatments that we offer.

Customized Solutions

We know that one treatment, no matter how cutting edge it is, can’t be the right solution for everyone, and that treatments must be customized for each patient. We create customized, comprehensive treatment plans for each patient and use advanced tools such as genetic testing.


We are pioneers in the field. Dr. Prashad was the first physician in the Houston area to provide the combination of IV ketamine and deep TMS and also the first to offer deep TMS in Houston.

Cutting Edge

We always utilize the most advanced technology and procedures.  Some providers chose certain technology over other because it’s convenient or less expensive. Others avoid upgrading their technology for the same reasons. We have a commitment to provide our treatments with the most advanced technology. An example of this is using deep TMS.

Personal Attention

We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional level of service with personalized treatment plans and accessibility to your providers. This approach gives our patients the best chance at recovery.